Read our reviews from our happy patients!

Chris Berry

The absolute best! From a-z. If you have problems here check the mirror. I have seen many of the providers from Dr Shore down. Only thing I wished is I could see Dr Shore more often due to his conversations being so delightful. Most accommodating staff I have ever experienced in my 53 years walking this earth!!! Thank you and I apologize for y’all having to put up with me but so glad you do!!!!!

Alice Lard

Nothing but good experiences with this place. Cheerful staff, clean facility. Good medical services.

Daniel Garrett

I got insurance in February 2017 for the first time since turning 18 -- mid-2013. With insurance I got the confidence to get my low-income self to a physician. I found Bill Shore and was happy with him. I lost insurance four months ago, and was worried how I could afford a physician's care paying out-of-pocket. About $162 each visit. But Bill Shore is worth it. Super funny too. Plus he's a local radio star on WCMT!

Vanyel Jeter

They know me by face and check me in quickly. I love the feel of being known somewhere. The staff are all helpful and friendly in my experiences. They have been mostly wonderful to me and I thank them for that. Any bad experiences can be chalked up to personal and individual interactions that stemmed from misunderstandings. 🙂

Veronica Beckett

Doc. Susan Lowery, has been my doctor since I was 18 , I can not express, how much she means to me . I am 36 now and she has been there to not only be my doctor , but my friend I love her very much! Veronica Beckett!

Tim Besmer Sr.

Dr Susan Lowery had always taken great care of me. I appreciate her thoroughness and understanding. Most Dr.s aren't patient-friendly anymore. I'm glad she is there when I need her. I highly recommend her to anyone.